NEW TOYOTA FEAR: NYC Garages Have Started To Turn Away Toyotas

katsuakiwatanabe toyota tbi

Parking in New York City is hard enough without fear of being turned away by a parking lot attendant.

But that is a fear that some Toyota Prius drivers must live with now.

On Sunday night, a woman attempting to park her Toyota Prius in a lot in Queens was turned away by the attendant.

“I was told not to park those cars, because of the recall,” the attendant explained.

A series of phone calls this morning revealed that most garages do not have a formal policy against Toyota cars.

“It’s no problem,” an employee at Champion, which operates over 50 Manhattan parking locations, said. “We can use the business.”

But the people who answered the phone at a few garages did register hesitancy or say they would not park the car.

“I cannot park your car if you have a problem,” an employee at Thompson Street Garage in Greenwich Village said.

“Have you had it checked out? If you had it checked out, no problem,” said an employee at another downtown garage who asked us not to name the location because he was not authorised to speak to reporters.

Two other garages, out of the dozen or so we contacted, had concerns or policies against parking Toyota cars.

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