Did You Know Your Smartphone’s Keyboard Does More Than Type? [SWYPE FOR NEXUS S REVIEW]

swype on nexus s

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I’ve tested a lot of Android phones that use Swype, the customised keyboard that lets you slide your finger from letter to letter to type words.But to be completely honest, I mostly ignored it.

Over the last day I forced myself to try the newest version of Swype, which is only available on the Nexus S 4G from Sprint.

I love it. It’s a lot more accurate than I expected, and I found myself able to write longer e-mails than I would normally write tapping at the keys the traditional way.

But that’s nothing new when it comes to Swype. The new version adds some clever shortcuts that turns your keyboard into a launcher for popular apps. It also makes it easy to cut and paste.

The downside: You have to memorize the shortcuts. Right now there are are shortcuts to launch Twitter, Facebook, and Google Maps. You can also select, cut, copy, and paste text.

The commands require you to tap the “Swype” icon on your keyboard and drag your finger to the corresponding letters that perform the action.

For example, dragging from “Swype” to “T” to “W” launches Twitter. “Swype” to “G” to “M” launches Google Maps. And so on.

The most glaring feature missing is the ability to create your own shortcuts for your favourite apps. That’ll make memorizing them a lot easier. It would also be nice for them to expand this new version to other devices beyond the Nexus S 4G.

Swype will come pre-loaded if you buy a new Nexus S. If you already have one, you can download Swype for free from sprint.swype.com.