Nearly half of MoviePass' subscribers are considering cancelling, according to a new survey

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

  • A new National Research Group survey found that nearly half of MoviePass subscribers were considering cancelling the service, and less than half were satisfied with it.
  • That’s a sharp drop from NRG’s first survey in April, which found that 83 per cent of MoviePass subscribers were satisfied.
  • Former users who already canceled cited constant rule changes as a reason, and those who remained didn’t find the service trustworthy anymore.

Movie-theatre subscription service MoviePass has faced a series of controversies recently, and subscribers seem ready to abandon ship if they haven’t already.

According to a new National Research Group poll, first cited by The Hollywood Reporter, nearly half of MoviePass users (47 per cent) were considering cancelling their subscriptions, and only 48 per cent were satisfied with the company.

The latter number is quite low compared to NRG’s first survey in April, in which an impressive 83 per cent of MoviePass users said they were more satisfied with it compared to other subscription services like Netflix. Those surveyed said that they were seeing more movies than they had before MoviePass, and more diverse movies at that.

For this new survey, NRG surveyed 1,558 moviegoers in August, including 424 MoviePass customers and 100 former customers who had recently canceled. Those who canceled cited the constant rule changes as a reason, and those who remained with the service told NRG they no longer found MoviePass reliable or trustworthy.

While MoviePass has certainly gotten more people into movie theatres, it has struggled to financially sustain itself in recent months, and the dramatic changes and inconsistent business model have driven some subscribers away. In an effort to stay afloat, MoviePass announced last month that it would raise its price from $US9.95 a month to $US14.95 and restrict popular movies when they were first released. It quickly rolled back those changes, however. Now, the price will stay at $US9.95 but users are restricted to three movies a month.

As MoviePass transitions to this new plan, it has caused further headaches for subscribers. For the time being, MoviePass posts a schedule each week to its website with what movies are available each day on the service, and the titles and number of movies can vary. MoviePass is also in the process of converting annual subscribers to its new monthly plan.

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