This is the hottest new bike on the planet right now

2016 Specialised Venge bike full pictureDaniel McMahon/Business InsiderThe world’s hottest new road bike: the S-Works Venge ViAS from Specialised. The super-stiff, lightweight aero machine will officially debut at this year’s Tour de France on July 4.

This year’s Tour de France, as with most Tours, will see the rolling out of new bikes, wheels, tires, helmets, sunglasses, shoes, apparel, and more. Because it’s the world’s largest annual sporting event, it’s an ideal time for manufactures to show off all their new stuff.

One bike that seems to be getting more attention than all the others is the just-revealed Specialised S-Works Venge ViAS. The company recently invited Business Insider to check it out in person, but because it was under embargo until now we didn’t get to take it for a spin. Yet during our brief meet-up with a Specialised rep we got to snap a few pics and learn a bit about it. Specialised claims it is “the fastest bike in the world,” which is a bold statement considering how many fast bikes are out there.

The carbon Venge is actually one of five new products Specialised is unveiling this week as a “complete aerodynamic ecosystem.” Along with the Venge, there’s a new skinsuit, helmet, shoes, and wheel-and-tire system. All together, the project is dubbed “5 Minutes,” which is how much time you’ll save over 40 kilometers, or about 25 miles, if you’re riding this bike and wearing the gear, the company says. That is, compared to its previous similar bike and gear.

There will be limited availability beginning in August, the company said. The price for the Venge: $US12,500. See more photos below, along with further details.

Meet the road bike that's getting lots of attention right now, just ahead of July's Tour de France: the new Specialised S-Works Venge ViAS.

Although we didn't get to ride the bike -- not yet anyway -- it does look impressive. The first thing we noticed was the headset, stem, and handlebar; it looks like a super-stiff setup. Then the new proprietary brakes; they're integrated, behind the fork and seat tube. Third, there are no cables showing -- they're all internally routed. The company says this bike, ridden with a Roval CLX64 wheelset, will save 120 seconds over 40km. Overall, as a first impression, it might be the best-looking aero road bike we've ever seen. Hopefully we'll get to test-ride one soon.

Here's what Specialised's Chris Riekert said in a statement sent to Business Insider:

The all-new S-Works Venge ViAS Di2 was developed with one objective in mind -- to be the fastest bike in the world. The design for this bike started with building our own Win Tunnel, and with more than 1000 hours of testing, prototyping, and refining, we can say with confidence that we nailed our objective. The high level of performance starts with a Rider-First Engineered frame and fork that feature a new level of aerodynamics. This is coupled with the added benefit of the Roval CLX 64 wheelset -- the fastest wheels we've ever made. Along with the zero-drag brakes and Aerofly ViAS cockpit, the S-Works Venge ViAS Di2 is, quite simply, the fastest bike in the world.

Up front things look stiff and fast with the new stem and headset and the new proprietary 'zero-drag brake' tucked in behind the fork and out of the wind.

And here's what Specialised says about the new wheelset:

Roval CLX 64 wheelset provides the ultimate in speed and performance. Optimised for both head- and crosswinds, the CLX 64 wheelset is tubeless-ready and features a 21mm internal rim width for enhanced traction, minimal rolling resistance, and improved aerodynamics.

A view of the cockpit and the Aerofly ViAS handlebar from the rider's point of view.

With the brake tucked behind the fork, things suddenly look a lot more aero up front.

As for that tire, it's the S-Works Turbo. The company claims it's 'the world's fastest tire' and saves 35 seconds over 40km.

A closer look at the front 'zero-drag brake' and full monocoque carbon fork.

From Specialised's note:

FACT carbon fork is designed to drastically reduce aerodynamic drag, while still providing incredible stiffness and steering response for all out efforts and twisting descents.

A view of the front and the S-Works Aerofly ViAS handlebar.

Here's another view from the side closer up.

Says Specialised:

The FACT 11r carbon frame features fully internal cable routing, and it's Rider-First Engineered in order to provide consistent performance across the entire size range.

The rear 'zero-drag brake' is tucked in pretty tight.

Says Specialised:

Proprietary integrated brakes create the perfect blend of aerodynamics and power, creating zero additional drag while achieving best-in-class stopping power and modulation.

Here's how the new Venge compares with Specialised's previous bikes.

This is S-Works Sub6 shoe, which Specialised says is the most aerodynamically advanced and lightest it's ever produced.

And this is the new helmet, the S-Works Evade.

Specialised says it saves 46 seconds over 40km compared to a standard road helmet.

And the S-Works Evade GC skinsuit, which is said to save 96 seconds over 40km.

Seen from the front the new Venge looks seriously aero.

Another look up front: Everything looks clean and neat with all cables internally routed.

A view from the other side of the bike.

The new S-Works Venge ViAS.

Some details about the 'Win Tunnel' that Specialised says it used to design the new Venge.

What Specialised means when it says the new Venge and aero gear will save five minutes over 40 kilometers:

And to sum it up:

Here's how much the new Specialised S-Works Venge ViAS and everything else in this aero 'ecosystem' will cost you.

We'll ask the folks at Specialised if they will let us test and review this bike so that we can see just how fast it really is. And how it rides. So stay tuned.

Also: As part of its '5 Minutes' theme, Specialised has produced new videos with four celebrities, including ace sprinter Mark Cavendish, who will be racing the new Venge at July's Tour de France. Watch it below:

'5 Minutes with Gordon Ramsay' is another. Watch it below:

'5 Minutes with Jenson Button':

And '5 Minutes with David Pearl':

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