New South Wales residents can now use their smartphone as a digital driver's licence – here's how to set it up

Digital Driver Licence. Image: Service NSW
  • Digital drivers licences are now available to residents of New South Wales to use as photo ID.
  • The licences are available through the Service NSW app for iOS and Android and come at no additional cost. They can be used as ID when you’re stopped by police and to enter pubs and clubs.
  • But not everyone has been able to access them, and Service NSW warns the service is still “testing”.

You can now legally use a digital driver’s licence in New South Wales.

The digital driver’s licence (DDL) is available through the Service NSW app and comes at no extra cost.

To get it, first you’ll need to download the latest version of the Service NSW app to your Android or Apple smartphone. Then, log into the app with your MyServiceNSW account details and follow the prompts to getting your new digital licence.

You’ll need a MyServiceNSW account that is linked to the Roads and Maritime Services to access your digital driver licence.

NSW citizens can use their phones to display their licence to police and as ID to get into pubs and clubs.

A department of customer service spokesperson told Business Insider in an email, “The NSW Government will soon announce the statewide rollout of the Digital Driver Licence. We are currently testing the technology for early adopters.”

New South Wales launched a trial of the digital licences in Dubbo back in 2017, before rolling out trials in Sydney’s east and in Albury.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the ServiceNSW app was updated at around 12pm on Monday to let all the state’s residents add their driver’s licences.

The digital licence is updated in real time, so you don’t have to wait for a new card to be sent to you if you change your details or renew your licence.

It also works offline so you can see it when you don’t have any data – as long as you’re still logged into the Service NSW app.

Service NSW noted that the digital driver licence is optional but it doesn’t replace the plastic card. The organisation recommends you still carry your plastic card as a back up, as some venues aren’t accustomed to seeing them in the wild.

And there are some conditions to using the digital licence.

Service NSW said you should make sure your phone screen isn’t cracked and your phone is charged.

If you’re pulled over by the police, you can only use your phone as ID after you have been asked by a police officer.

“It’s illegal to access your digital driver licence when driving, including when stationary, unless you’re asked to do so by a police officer,” Service NSW said.

But there are still some teething issues, with some users having trouble accessing the app.

On its website, Service NSW said “some testing is still underway” for the digital driver licences. “Customers who experience delays are encouraged to download the DDL at a later time,” it said.

New South Wales isn’t the only state to roll out digital driver licences. It joins South Australia, which has offered digital licences since 2017.

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