Snapchat lets you draw your own animated selfie filter now

A big update to Snapchat on Tuesday added integration with Bitmoji, the app that lets you create a personalised emoji avatar.

Snapchat quietly snuck in another another new feature in the same update: a new filter that lets you draw anything on your face.

The new addition is part of a rotating carousel of animated selfie filters that the company calls “Lenses.” (The most famous Snapchat lens to date is probably a toss up between rainbow puke and the infamous puppy dog.)

What’s different about this latest lens, which can be found next to face swap, is that it lets you use the app’s drawing tools to doodle anything on your face. What you draw isn’t static, either — it tracks your face’s movements in real time.

The new lens remembers what you last drew, which makes it easy to quickly access your most recent creation.

As you can imagine, the people are already using the lens in pretty creative ways:

A Snapchat spokesman confirmed to Tech Insider that this is the first fully customisable lens in the app. The app’s many lenses have morphed faces into all kinds of strange things (and even distorted voices), but this is the first time a lens has been fully editable by the user.

While silly on the surface, the ability to create your own virtual face mask in Snapchat highlights how the messaging app is experimenting with augmented reality. Imagine being able to draw a pokéball in your hand one day and throw it at someone.

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