ALERT ALERT: There's A Whole Bunch Of New Evidence That The Economy Is Slowing Down


Photo: David Tribble via Wikimedia Commons

On April 12, we first warned that there were clearly enough signs out there to confirm that the economy has hid a rough patch, and that growth was slowing down.Since then, that view has only been further confirmed.

The data has continued to come in weak, missing economic forecasts left and right.

Just in the last few days we’ve gotten more of it, so we’ve updated the original list.

April Durable Goods was a disaster

Read the full roundup here.

On May 24, the Richmond Fed was a total debacle

See the full details here.

10-year yields have been diving again

More and more it looks like the Chinese economy is coming off the rails

This has huge implications for the US. See more here.

Europe is breaking apart. Enough said There.

The May Philly Fed: Another disaster

See more here.

The UK economy is practically double dipping.

See more here.

Case Shiller Is Showing The Housing Double Dip Getting Worse

Small Business Confidence Is Suddenly Turning Lower

Durable goods have been weak

Las Vegas gaming revenue has suddenly turned south again.

Oil prices have pushed the economy to the breaking point

Austerity warnings from the UK

In London, where fiscal tightening is further along than here, it's having a clear effect on consumer spending. That's coming to the US, too.

Q1 GDP was very mediocre.

Initial jobless claims are clearly heading higher over the past few weeks

Copper futures, a great tell on the economy, are heading south

Shanghai stocks are falling as well

Big companies like Procter & Gamble are seeing their earnings get hit due to higher commodities

Multiple political polls have indicated heightened economic anxiety in April

The CEO of Wal-Mart says his customers are running out of money

Several regional Fed surveys have shown a slowdown in April

On the other hand...

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