Samsung Has A Strange Ad For The New Ultra HD TV It Plans To Announce This Week

A new teaser from Samsung all but confirms the company will have some new Ultra HD TVs to announce this week at the annual Consumer Electronics Showcase in Las Vegas. What’s strange, though, is the specific language Samsung chose for its ad, which The Verge spotted at what appears to be the convention center in Las Vegas.

Samsung says its new TV will be “the most seductive TV of all time.” The company is advertising the launch event for this TV like a movie premier, calling it a “Seductive Pictures” production.

That’s odd language to use when describing a television, but we’re sure to learn more about it over the next few days.

What we do know, however, is that Samsung plans to use its Tizen operating system to power its future smart TVs rather than Android. The advertisement also says it will feature a “quantum colour, stylish curved design.”

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