6 Reasons Apple's New Safari Browser Crushes Chrome And Firefox

Browser fight safari chrome firefox

Photo: flickr/uwdigitalcollections

With OS X Mountain Lion, Apple rolled out a new version of Safari that gives Chrome and Firefox a run for their money.It took the best from Chrome and Firefox and then added some.

Here are the new reasons to switch (back) to Safari.

So, from the look of it, only a few things have changed.

WHOA! Safari seems super fast now. We can test if it actually IS super fast by running SunSpider's Javascript test.

OK, that looks pretty fast.

Test your own browser's Java load time here.

Safari beat Firefox by a pretty good margin.

Safari killed Chrome!

Safari scored 287.8ms.

Another thing: Safari now has fat tabs. Tabs now fill out the whole width of their bar. Why didn't anyone think of that before?

And there's a cool way to navigate between tabs that comes with a preview of each one.

Safari still has Reader, which gives you a reading experience free of ads and other things that get in your way. No other browser has that.

Bonus reason (as if you needed one): the loading strip across the URL bar is much smoother now.

Now look at the rest of Mountain Lion

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