New Product Eases E-Discovery Process

On March 8, the litigation support solution provider Teris added a new e-discovery platform to its Clearwell System product offering.


With this new addition, customers will be able to effectively collect and organise data from Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS)/Microsoft Office 365. The product will better enable Teris customers to quickly fulfil e-discovery requests in response to litigation, regulatory inquiries and internal investigations, Teris says.  

Developments like this affect professionals like Shari Savitt, deputy general counsel at the accounting and advisory firm EisnerAmper.

‘E-discovery has now become the norm,’ says Savitt. ‘It is part of our everyday corporate experience. As we are faced with the need to review and compile electronic files on a daily basis, e-discovery, including the monetary costs and time commitment associated with document production, has become a major consideration.’

Maintaining documents in electronic form has made it easier for EisnerAmper to respond to its clients’ requests for documents in connection with lawsuits and regulatory filings, says Savitt, but it’s still expensive.

‘The [e-discovery] process requires substantial firm resources, from internal legal personnel to IT specialists,’ she says. It also involves the use of ‘costly outside vendors to image and deliver the files,’ Savitt adds.


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