Here Are The Brand New Uniforms For All 20 English Premier League Teams

Photo: Nike, Inc.

Unlike American teams, Premier League teams tweak their uniforms every single year.It’s largely a business move — fans have to shell out a few bucks every 12 months if they want to the most up-to-date kit.

We compiled all the 2012-13 Premier League kits that have been released so far (32 of them, in total).

Our favourites: Stoke’s red, white and blue away kits, and Chelsea’s simple-but-elegant home kits.

Our least favourites: Arsenal’s purple away kits, and the downright awful, tribal-tattoo inspired Liverpool third kit.

Arsenal, home

Arsenal, away

Aston Villa, home

Aston Villa, away

Chelsea, home

Chelsea, away

Everton, home

Everton, away

Fulham, away

Liverpool, home

Liverpool, away

Liverpool, alternate

Manchester City, home

Manchester City, away

Manchester United, home

Newcastle, away

Norwich, home

QPR, home and away

Reading, home

Reading, away

Southampton, home

Stoke, home

Stoke, away

Sunderland, away

Swansea, home

Swansea, away

Tottenham, home and away

West Brom, home

West Ham, home

West Ham, away

Wigan, home

Wigan, away

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