Here Are All The New English Premier League Uniforms For Next Season

manchester united 2013 uniforms

English Premier League teams typically change their shirts every year as a way to generate more revenue. 

Unlike in major American sports, the vast majority of uniforms aren’t considered sacred, and teams change styles and even colour schemes (on away kits) all the time.

With about three weeks to go until the start of th 2013-14 season, we collected all the new kits from the 20 EPL teams.

Arsenal, away (they kept the home one the same)

Aston Villa, home and away

Cardiff City, home

Chelsea, home

Chelsea, away

Chelsea, third kit

Crystal Palace, home and away

Everton, home

Fulham, home

Hull City, home

Hull City, away

Liverpool, home

Liverpool, away

Manchester City, home

Manchester City, away

Manchester United, home

Manchester United, away

Newcastle United, away

Norwich City, away

Southampton, home

Southampton, away

Stoke City, home

Sunderland, home

Sunderland, away

Swansea, home and away

Tottenham, home and away

West Brom, home

West Brom, away

West Ham, home and away

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