New Polls Show Massive Resentment Brewing Towards The Chinese Uber-Rich

china riot

The ostensibly communist nation China will soon run into serious societal problems relating to gigantic wealth gap.

Fresh polling conducted by several firms show a rumbling of discontent held by the masses towards the nation’s neo-rich overlords.

According to one People’s Daily poll, reported by the Times of India, 69% of the population views the rich “badly” or “really badly.”

In that same poll, 91% of the population held the view that the rich were benefiting from political connections, while only 16% thought their status had something to do with merit.

What’s interesting is that People’s Daily is an official government organ, and so this was a state-run poll. Another poll showing similar results was also state-run.

The Chinese government has good reason to be mindful of public perception, considering its well-known fear of getting toppled in some kind of uprising.

The question, then, is what actions will leaders take to quell the flames of class warfare, and will such actions signal some kind of pivot from the pro-hypergrowth policies that got China to where it is now (both good and bad).

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