New Poll Has Bad News For Obama And The Economy


A new poll from NBC/WSJ finds two things: The first is that yes, Obama’s approval has bounced a bit in the wake of the Bin-Laden killing.

But here’s the problem: The bump is narrow, only related to that.

On the more important issue of the economy, things aren’t looking good.

  • Just 31% of respondents believe the economy will get better in the next year, down from 33% last month.
  • 25% think the economy will get worse, up from 21% last year.
  • Meanwhile, approval of Obama’s own handling of the economy has plunged in one month from 45% to 37%.

So this makes Obama’s task tough, and as a signal of economic optimism, it’s not good.

It’s also consistent with other polls showing growing unease on this note.