New photo of Jason Pierre-Paul's badly injured hand shows he's missing a significant part of his thumb, too

On Wednesday, New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul posted an Instagram video of him working out, and we got our first look at his badly injured hand from a fireworks accident in minimal bandage.

On Thursday, however, The New York Daily News posted exclusive photos of Pierre-Paul’s hand up close, and the damage is pretty significant.

In addition to having his right index finger amputated, it appears a significant portion of his right thumb is missing, too:

Unfortunately, it seems as though this story continues to spiral downward. After the initial report of the accident, Pierre-Paul’s camp had said the injuries weren’t significant. 

It then came out that JPP had his right index finger amputated while in the hospital, and when Giants officials came to see him, he refused to see them. Then, on the verge of Week 1 of the regular season, ESPN’s Dan Graziano reported that JPP’s injuries were worse than initially reported.

Until Thursday, the extent was still largely a mystery. While we knew that his thumb was also injured, the Daily News photos reveal the injury is worse than probably most expected.

While Pierre-Paul and the Giants are still working out a contract — it seems his only option is to sign the $US14.8 million franchise tender — it seems as though he’s far off from playing. However, Pierre-Paul dismissed that idea on Twitter: