You Have To Check Out Pandora's Beautiful New Look [SCREENSHOTS]

pandora new look title image

Amidst all the excitement surrounding Spotify’s big move to the states, many forgot we have some of our own all-star music streaming services.

Pandora, a streaming radio service that customises stations to your liking, might be the most well-loved.

It has more than 36,000,000 people visiting it every month, and has been in dire need of an upgrade.

Soon, Pandora will be getting a huge face lift on its front end, replacing a stale user interface Pandora has used for years.

The new look is built on top of the agile HTML 5 instead of the resource-hungry Adobe Flash, and features some excellent new social features to boot.

The new Pandora is available now to Pandora One subscription users, and is rolling out slowly to the rest of Pandora’s loyal fan base.

From the moment the new Pandora starts loading, you know you're in for something completely new and special.

Here it is. The new Pandora is built on top of a modern HTML 5 skeleton, and looks like an entirely new product. A persistent playback bar is always at the top of the screen, as is a search window.

For a point of reference, here's the older, slower Pandora that runs on Adobe Flash.

New artist pages are complete with Bios, similar artists, and a place to leave comments at the bottom.

Click an album to check out what's on it and choose a track to play.

Sharing tracks/stations with your Pandora followers and Facebook/Twitter friends is made simple.

If you're reading about a band or checking out the activity feed, your stations are always easily accessible.

In the new Pandora, everyone has a profile where your listening habits are recorded. You can leave messages on a friend's profile, too, and see a list of who people you know follow on Pandora.

There are a few skins you can apply to the entire site, and we're sure there are plenty more to come.

In the top right of your screen sits a convenient Now Playing area.

Free Pandora limits you to 40 hours of radio per month, but Pandora One offers a desktop app, unlimited listening, and much more.

Now that you've seen Pandora, check out the competition...

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