The NFL Just Hammered New Orleans Saints Players With Suspensions For Bounty-Gate

brett favre saints hit

Photo: Getty Images

The punishments for New Orleans Saints players involved in Bounty-Gate out, and they’re brutal.Jonathan Vilma has got suspended for the entire season for “establishing and funding the program.” The league says he offered $10,000 cash to anyone who knocked out Kurt Waner in a 2009 playoff game, and $10,000 more for injuring Brett Favre in the game after that.

Anthony Hargrove, now on the Packers, got eight games. He “actively obstructed the league’s 2010 investigation in the program.”

Will Smith got four games for “establishing and funding” the program while he was captain.

Scott Fujita, now on the Browns, got three games for similar offenses.

Here’s the official NFL release (careful, it’s a PDF).

Fujita, Smith, and Hargrove can all take part in off-season activities, but Vilma is basically banished from the league until 2013.

All four players plan to appeal, according to Mike Freeman of CBS Sports.

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