New NYT Owner Carlos Slim Refuses To Grant Paper An Interview


Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, who recently bailed out the New York Times (NYT), is apparently not a fan of bad media coverage.  Or so say his new employees:

NYT: With telecommunications, retailing and construction companies under his command, Mr. Slim looms large over the media landscape in his country. Notoriously thin-skinned, he does not have to pick up the phone and bellow at those who publish and broadcast something he does not like. His vast resources often translate into less-than-critical coverage.

Mr. Slim declined through his spokesman and son-in-law, Arturo Elias, to be interviewed for this article.

Raymundo Riva Palacio, a veteran journalist in Mexico City, said that after he wrote a column in El Universal newspaper in 2006 condemning Mr. Slim as a monopolist, a Slim adviser threatened to remove newspaper ads from his companies.

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