Nokia Was Making An Android Phone While Microsoft Was Buying The Company

Nokia Normandy Phone

This is the first look at Nokia’s new Android phone.
The Verge writesthat the phone was being tested on a “forked” Android variant similar to the OS found on the line of Amazon Kindles.

Codenamed Normandy, The Verge’s report claims that the Nokia phone can support popular Android apps like Skype and it is being positioned as an entry-level option for prospective customers.

A notorious gadget leaker who goes by @evleaks on Twitter first leaked a photo of the Nokia Android phone in November. Nokia was building the phone while Microsoft was in talks to buy the company earlier this year. Nokia will officially be a division in Microsoft once the acquisition goes through early next year.

Since this project operates on a competition software there is a chance Microsoft could delay the release. However, AllThingsD’s Ina Fried cites an anonymous Nokia source that Normandy is in the early stages of manufacturing testing and that it could come out early 2014.