The new Nokia 3310 goes on sale today

Nokia 3310 phone dumbphoneThomas Kohler/Flickr (CC)The old Nokia 3310.

The long wait is finally over.

The new Nokia 3310 is finally going on sale on Wednesday.

It’s a revamped version of the iconic Nokia “dumbphone” that launched in 2000 and became a classic, beloved by students and drug dealers everywhere.

The new one is selling for £49.99 (or €49), and has some significant changes. For starters, it has a coloured screen, as well as new curved design. It comes packing a camera too, a headphone jack, and a boosted battery that promises 22 hours of talk time. And yes, it still has Snake.

News of its existence was leaked in February 2017, shortly before industy conference Mobile World Congress — driving fans into a nostalgic frenzy. It has been built by HMD Global, which licensed the brand for the device.

You can pick it up from Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone stores in the UK. It comes in four colours — grey, blue, red, and yellow.

The new 3310 officially launches at 10.33AM on Wednesday. Business Insider will be live at the scene, so stay tuned for more coverage.

Nokia 3310NokiaThe new Nokia 3310.

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