New "Nice" American Idol's Ratings Sink Without Simon Cowell

American Idol

The whole point of American Idol wasn’t to encourage young people to fulfil their dreams or to find the next big pop star — but to watch Simon Cowell insult the contestants and destroy their hopes.

So it’s no surprise that the new Idol, featuring leftover judge Randy Jackson and new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, had a significant drop in the ratings from last year – almost 20% — in the key 18-49 demographic.

Jackson was the least polarising judge on the older Idol, and Lopez and Tyler, from what we’ve seen and heard about the show, seem unlikely to add any extra bite to the judges’ table. Lopez has already been moved to tears by one performance, so she seems ready to take up Paula’s old role, just less crazy (so more boring). And while Tyler is aggressively trying to play the part of rock star by cursing and making sexually-tinged comments about the ladies, we suspect his shtick will get old really fast.

Of course, the show is still a behemoth in ratings. It posted a 9.7 rating in the key demographic, well above any other entertainment show this season.

Check out a video clip of the “nicer” Idol below.


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