The NFL Will Launch A New Streaming Video Network This Summer

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and other NFL execs announced a new high-quality video network called NFL Now.

Users will be able to create customised streams of news, analysis and highlights to follow their favourite teams.

Once you select the team you want to follow, the app will instantly transmit locker room interviews and practice updates so loyal fans never miss out on what is happening with their favourite clubs.

You won’t be able to watch actual games but highlights will be sent to your phone or tablet once the game is over.

Other live content you can view will be press conferences for your favourite teams as well as the Pro Football Hall of Fame Introduction.

Also, the service will contain an incredible archive of NFL games so fans can revisit classic plays whenever they want.

NFL Now will be available as a free app for smartphones and web browsers but customers can subscribe to a premium pricing tier called NFL Now. The exact for this hasn’t been specified yet.

The app will be available for Windows, iPhone, Android and Xbox One this summer.

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