'New' News Corp Boss Robert Thompson Thinks Australians Have A Problem With Piracy

Photo: Getty/Jed Jacobsohn

The boss of New News Corp — the broken-off publishing arm created when the media giant split earlier this year — has highlighted Australia’s comparatively high rate of content piracy in a presentation at a Goldman Sachs conference.

“People are just in the habit of illegal downloads. Australians have very bad habits – piracy happens to be one of them,” Thompson said at the conference.

More needs to be done in Australia to educate people on “the inherent value of content and obeying a law” he said according to The Australian.

“Sixteen per cent – that’s one in six – of all illegal downloads of Breaking Bad are in Australia. There aren’t that many people in Australia.”

Thompson also added that 20% of people who could have watched HBO series Game of Thrones on Foxtel (which is part-owned by New News Corp) actually watched through an illegal source. “[E]ven though they are entitled to watch it on Foxtel”.

There is more at The Australian.

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