5 Bands You Should Be Listening To This Weekend

Deap vallyBryan Sheffield‘Deap Vally’

With so many great tracks and albums coming out every week, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with all the news.

Lucky for you, we at FILTER love looking through everything to find some great new music amongst everything.

This week, we’re bringing you some smaller acts we think you will enjoy.

Deap Vally

If you want to start your day with the right amount of screeching blues rock ‘n’ roll, then you need to look no further than this LA duo. Their songs are hard-hitting and their performance is fierce. This balance results in music that is addictive enough to get your head slamming to the beats in the midst of a crowd. Just listen to “Baby I Call Hell” and let your body move the way music intended.

The Orwells

To keep the hard-hitting rock going, then turn your attention to this punk group. Their music just calls for debauchery with the raw, coarse vocals and the guitar-driven instrumentals. Songs like “Mallrats (La La La)” pack a punch of energy that could very well cause someone to collapse at the last note from all the exertion.

American Authors

This Brooklyn band brings us some catchy pop rock tunes that are easy to remember and sing along to. Songs like “Believer” and “Best Day of My Life” have melodies that will keep a crowd clapping along with them. Yet this band can also create some mellow times that are perfect for those quiet, introspective days when you could use a song like “Keep Me Dreaming” to express everything for you.


We’ve been listening to Guards for quite some time and so we were excited to see them making the festival rounds this year. Their debut album, In Guards We Trust, was filled with some dreamy tracks that can get one swaying and dancing as they balance between airy melodies and heavy powerpop tunes. It may be kind of an old one but “Ready To Go” is still one of our Guards essential listens.

Family Of The Year

This LA-group really knows how to make pretty indie rock that is both captivating and memorable. They can range from wonderfully bouncy tracks like “St. Croix” to the slow and melodic beauty that is “Hero.” The vocals soothe in every song and the layers of guitars, synths, and drums create a dynamic that suits them well in their performances, setting it up for one fun show.

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