5 Bands You Should Be Listening To This Weekend

With so many great tracks and albums coming out every week, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with all the news.

Lucky for you, we at FILTER love looking through everything to find some great new music amongst everything.


This Tulsa band is young, raw and loud. Is there anything better than that in the world of music? Through the scratchy vocals and simple guitar rhythms, BRONCHO has a fresh and modern appeal with songs so catchy, you’ll be humming them for weeks.


London Grammar, a(n actually) London-based trio is rooted in the amazing vocals of the female lead vocalist: Hannah Reid. Reid’s voice is deep and smooth; one that can whisper just as well as it can explode into a loud cry. It carries an air to Florence Welsh, but backed by the haunting melodies of the band, their music is all their own.


OK let’s get this out of the way, yes, the all-powerful Beyonce is Solange’s older sister. We’ve got to give some serious kudos to the Knowles family for making not only one, but TWO killer performers. While Bey is known for ruling the pop world, Solange takes her inspiration from the eclectic soul sounds of the ’70s and the Motown girl groups from the ’60s. Check out “Losing You” to see why Solange can easily step out of her sister’s shadow and rock on her own.


These four lads from Glasgow have been making music for “girls to dance to” for over a decade and now they’re back with a new album. Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action sure is a mouthful to say, but it sounds like the boys are back and better than ever. Catchy guitar riffs compliment frontman Alex Kapranos’ sultry voice so well that you wonder why you haven’t been listening to them all along!


Ty Segall is a prolific artist who has no problem wearing many musical hats. The Laguna Beach born, San Francisco based singer-songwriter, frontman and fuzz master has just released his newest LP: Sleeper. For those of you who love Segall’s lo-fi rocking, you’ll appreciate how wide of a net Segall can cast. For those of you who adore Neil Young, this record is for you too!

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