Motorola accidentally dropped a giant hint that there's another Google-powered smartwatch coming, report says

It looks like Motorola is preparing to release a new version of its Moto 360, which runs on Google’s smartwatch software Android Wear.

Last week, the company tweeted a promotion for the watch that included a rendering that some believe may be a new model and not the current Moto 360, as 9to5Google noticed.

Here’s a screenshot of the tweet, which has since been deleted by Motorola:

There are two small design differences that have led some to believe this is indeed the next-generation Moto 360, as 9to5Google pointed out.

First, the lugs on the watch pictured in Motorola’s tweet are larger than the lugs on the current model. Lugs are the extensions at the top and the bottom of a watch that keep it connected to its band. Second, the crown is slightly higher on the watch shown here than it is on the current Moto 360.

Here’s a photo of the current Moto 360 for reference:

We’re expecting to learn more about Motorola’s next Android Wear smartwatch soon, since the company debuted the Moto 360 about one year ago last September. There’s been some evidence that Motorola is readying a new Moto 360 — two new Motorola products with the model numbers 360S and 360L have recently passed through Anatel, Brazil’s equivalent of the FCC.

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