New Mind-Reading Technology Is Great News For Insider Traders


Now inside traders don’t have to worry about a paper trail: there’s new mind-reading technology that might allow them to transfer thoughts without any proof whatsoever.According to the AFP, a scan of brain activity can effectively read a person’s mind, researchers said Thursday.

The new technology is in its very first stages.

In science-terms, researchers discovered that “traces of episodic memories are found in the brain, and are identifiable, even over many re-activations.”

Basically, what researchers are now able to do is, for example, correctly predict which one (out of three) movies participants are thinking about, after the researchers first sat them down in front of the three movies and recorded their brain activity.

Still, if they wanted, we bet insider traders could made this technology work this in their favour pretty easily.

Here’s how:

Step 1. Set source up to have his brain activity recorded

Step 2. Show source images of an assortment of stocks going both up and down

Step 3. Ask source to recall which is actually going to happen

Voila! Stress-free insider trading. It might even be legal.

Read more about the new mind reading technology on the AFP.

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