The $1 Billion Ghost City Being Built To Test New Technology Hits A Major Roadblock

Cite CIty

Photo: Cite City

A few months ago we told you about the ghost town in New Mexico being built just to test new sustainable technology. The centre for Innovation Testing and Evaluation (CITE) would cost $1 billion. It was being developed by Pegasus Global Holdings. The project was supposed to break ground on June 30.  Now it looks like we’ll have to hold on a little longer for researchers to begin testing smart grids, traffic systems, self-flushing toilets and other cool automated stuff in a town without residents.  

The development firm is pumping the brakes on the high-tech city after having a difficult time securing enough land, Tom Goodenough of the Daily Mail reports. 

Robert Brumley, managing director of the project, announced on Friday that the group was pulling out because of ‘very complicated and unforeseen issues with acquiring the land.’

The facility was supposed to be constructed over about 15 square miles of desert in the city of Hobbs, New Mexico.

The town was modelled after a mid-sized American city including high-rse buildings, a shopping centre, parks and roads.  

According to Brumley, Pegasus plans to move forward with the the design of the project as it hunts for a new site.  

Click here to see what the test city would have looked like > 

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