New Media Lexicon: Don't Go Ballmering Me!

 Ad Age Digital  DigitalNext  MediaWorks Want to know how to communicate in the new media world? Here’s a handy dictionary of how the cool kids are talkin’ these days.

Ballmer — v. To endlessly pursue someone who is not interested (after Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer’s endless pursuit of Yahoo). Usage: That dude was totally ballmering me, so finally I ended up giving him a fake mobile phone number.

Digg — v. To impose one’s dubious taste on a larger group. Usage: The rest of us wanted to go to Denny’s, but Bob digged us and we ended up at Chuck E. Cheese.

Huffpo’ — adj. Impoverished due to the total devaluation of content (derived from the traditional abbreviation of the Huffington Post). Usage: I used to have a thriving writing career, but now I’m huffpo’.

Tweet — v. 1. To quickly bore. Usage: Hand me the remote, this show is already tweeting me. 2. To describe the uninteresting food you have just eaten to uninterested parties; from the Latin, tweetarium (a Greek diner menu).

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