New Material From Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Will Be Revealed At A London Book Festival This Weekend

Now with extra Zaphod. Picture: Touchstone

Unseen material from Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy will be revealed publicly for the first time at the Chortle Comedy Book Festival in the UK this weekend.

Writer Jem Roberts came across the stash while compiling an autobiography of Hitchhiker’s author Douglas Adams, titled The Frood.

Roberts announced last month that he’d uncovered the archived material, but has only now revealed details of exactly what he found.

The main attraction of his Chortle performance will be a chapter which never made the cut of the third Hitchhiker’s book, Life, The Universe And Everything. It’s called Angst in Space and sees Zaphod Beeblebrox facing interrogation in court.

“I’ll be in Arthur gear, and we’re doing a combination of favourite extracts and rare scenes, either solo or as full performances, in between bits of chat about The Frood and the archives,” Roberts said on the Chortle website.

He’ll also detail his other finds, which include unfinished drafts of a second Hitchhiker’s TV series, abandoned chapters for fifth Hitchhiker’s book, Mostly Harmless and notes for an abandoned Dirk Gently book, A Spoon Too Short.

The event takes place at the London Irish Centre on November 10.

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