Fans are weighing in on who the three new Masterchef judges will be – and their ideas are both genius and hilarious

Senior Australian of the Year and possible next judge of Masterchef Maggie Beer poses for a portrait at Parliament House (Photo by Stefan Postles, Getty Images)

After Network Ten revealed Masterchef judges George Calombaris, Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan would not be returning next year, speculation intensified around who will replace them in the high-profile TV gig.

Speaking to Ben Fordham’s show, 2GB entertainment editor Peter Ford said that despite the “bombshell” announcement on Tuesday afternoon, Ten was already considering new talent.

“The network obviously is already looking forward. They’ve said there they have a raft of talent and indeed there’s a raft of talent that’s come through Masterchef itself that may now become one of the new judges themselves, like Justine Scofield, Poh, (and) Kylie Kwong,” Ford said.

Ford also suggested even some of “the old brigade” could get a run including Channel 10’s much-loved original celebrity chef, the one, the only Iain ‘Huey’ Hewitson.

While Huey excelled at drowning food in butter, oil, salt and pepper, throughout his “Cooking Adventures” perhaps he would be an odd choice for a show that claims to “change lives” — Huey’s cooking has only ever shortened those.

Not least of which for his criticism of the exact show he is being tipped to judge.

Fans on Twitter also joined in the speculation, with some frontrunners already emerging, including Australia’s most beloved public figure, Maggie Beer.

Beer told ABC RN Drive that she was shocked at the news.

But Business Insider Australia isn’t shocked. In fact, we wholeheartedly endorse Maggie Beer to be the solo Masterchef judge.

Common names include Masterchef Australia season 1 runner-up Poh Ling Yeow as well as top Sydney chef Kylie Kwong.

Others understand Masterchef’s willingness to capitulate to its corporate overlords by throwing Coles ambassador Curtis Stone even more spotlight.

Alternative suggestions were a little less serious but would make a much more entertaining list.

Some were even bold enough to suggest that a few retired Liberal MPs might take up the tongs, not realising that lobby groups have far deeper pockets than Australian free-to-air networks.

Others were just happy to revel in schadenfreude.

The speculation wasn’t enough to distract people from the obvious questions though. Namely, how three otherwise unknown TV hosts could expect $1.5 million a year to stand around and eat.

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