You'll be able to unlock the new MacBook with your fingerprint

The new crop of MacBook Pro laptops that Apple is expected to release this Fall may come with Touch ID fingerprint sensors built into the laptop’s power button, according to 9to5Mac citing sources that have been reliable in the past.

It’s not yet clear exactly what the uses are for a TouchID sensor on the MacBook Pro laptop. If the iPhone’s TouchID sensor is anything to go by, a TouchID sensor on the MacBook Pro would let you unlock your laptop without typing a password, pay for apps, and even use Apple Pay to pay for online shopping.

9to5Mac’s sources also reinforced previous rumours that the next MacBook Pro will feature a row of customisable OLED touch-screen buttons that will take the place of the “F” keys that are usually above the row of number keys on a regular keyboard.

With customisable “F” function keys, which often go unused, you could potentially assign shortcuts to different apps, features, and functions. For example, you could change the location of the volume button “F” keys that are found on the right of Apple’s keyboard to the “F” keys on the left.

Currently, you can’t switch the location of function keys, like volume controls, as they are permanently set on Apple keyboards.

Martin Hajek MacBook Pro Render14Martin HajekA concept of the OLED touch-screen function buttons by designer Martin Hajek.

9to5Mac’s reports of TouchID and an OLED touch-screen on the new MacBook Pro laptops are reinforcements of an earlier report posted in May by KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, who has accurately predicted features on new Apple products in the past.

Despite the accurate predictions and reliable sources, nothing about Apple’s new MacBook Pro laptops is set in stone until Apple itself reveals the new models during its Fall event in September.

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