A new 'LEGO Batman movie' trailer pokes fun at 'Batman v Superman' and it's amazing

The more footage Warner Bros. releases for “The LEGO Batman Movie,” the more I think the studio should just invest in a LEGO Batman franchise.

Warner Bros. surprisingly dropped a fourth trailer for the animated movie Friday introducing a few new characters who will be added into the mix: the Joker and Barbara Gordon. 

The trailer is so self-aware of what fans love — and would rather forget — about the hero. It doesn’t even shy away from poking fun at the studio’s “Batman v Superman.” he live-action DCEU could take some pointers. The trailer 

One thing’s clear. The team behind LEGO Batman get the Caped Crusader. The live-action DCEU could take some pointers.

“The LEGO Batman Movie” will be in theatres February 2017.

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