Here's the beautiful new campus where the most popular game in the world is made

Apple has its new spaceship-style campus. Google’s got the “Googleplex” (and several even more impressive campuses worldwide). Facebook’s got swanky new digs as of earlier this year. And video game streaming service Twitch — now part of Google after an acquisition last year — has a seriously game-centric work environment.

While none compare to Apple’s massive, somewhat terrifying undertaking, the new campus of the company behind the world’s most popular game — “League of Legends” — is quite a looker.

The view of Riot Games' new campus in Los Angeles.

In a very, very blue room sits 'League of Legends' characters 'Tibbers' (the big guy) and 'Annie.'

In the mood for a game of gigantic chess? This is Riot Games' new 'quad.'

The blue lighting is apparently a theme! This room is styled after South Korea's PC 'bangs,' where players spend hours working on their 'LoL' skills.

Riot says that its conference rooms are intentionally in the center of work areas, 'so the teams aren't interrupted by Rioters racing to and from meetings.'

After a long day of work, this massive bar is going to come in handy. Riot also serves food here, and coffee/soda/etc. is available for the teetotalers.

This meeting room looks fairly normal, but the adorable pink punching bag in the corner is a not-so-subtle reference to 'LoL' champion 'Vi.'

Now that you've seen where the game's made, learn more about the team's playing it

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