New Laws Are Being Blamed For A Decline In The Number Of Chinese Tourists Visiting Australia

SydneyPhoto: Getty Images

Yesterday the Australian Bureau of Statistics put out data which shows the number of inbound Chinese tourists to Australia dropping 9.4% in November, compared with the same month in 2012.

This has got stakeholders in Australian tourism worried, as so much of their long-term planning relies on Chinese tourists, the number of which is expected to increase as that country’s middle class grows.

According to an article in The Australian, tourism groups have laid some blame with a new China Tourism law which targets shonky group tour operators, who offer low price and low quality packages.

“We have known about the tourism law for a while now, and always knew that it would have implications, most particularly on the group tour market, when it came into force in October,” a Tourism Australia spokesperson said

Keep in mind it could have just been a bad month. Companies in Australia are simply worried it is the beginning of a trend.

Tourism Australia had flagged the possible effect of the laws back when they were introduced, and also said other regions in Asia were experiencing similar declines.

There’s more here.

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