New Jersey Is Going To Close A Major Route To NYC For 2 Years

pulaski skyway new jerseyThe Pulaski Skyway.

Photo: hydropeek / Creative Commons

The New York-bound side of the Pulaski Skyway, a bridge that leads to the Holland Tunnel (connecting New Jersey and New York City), will be shut down for in 2014 for extensive repairs, NBC New York reported.Redecking two of its four lanes is expected to cost $1 billion and take two years.

A source told NBC the 80-year-old bridge is “massively used, massively worn out,” and that the New Jersey-bound side will not be used to accommodate drivers heading into the city.

The bridge will be closed after Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014, to be played at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium, home to the New York Giants and Jets.

To avoid the closed route, drivers could use local roads to reach the Holland Tunnel, or take the Lincoln Tunnel to midtown Manhattan. Ferries and PATH trains also connect New Jersey and Manhattan.

The bridge, which crosses the Passaic and Hackensack Rivers, is named for General Casimir Pulaski, a Polish cavalry officer who fought in the American Revolution. It opened in 1932.

According to NBC, the official plan to close the route will be announced today in Newark. The New Jersey Department of Transportation did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

New Jersey residents who work in New York City did get a piece of good news yesterday, when some 24-hour PATH train service was restored, more than two months after Hurricane Sandy hit the region.

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