New Jersey Nets Put Giant Deron Williams In Times Square

Check out the giant billboard the New Jersey Nets just stuck in Times Square:

Deron Williams billboard times square

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This giant billboard serves three purposes:

  1. Reminds New Yorkers who can’t afford tickets to the Garden that there’s (soon) another game in town.
  2. Thumbs their nose at the New York Knicks ownership by planting stakes in their own backyard.
  3. And most importantly … tries to convince Deron Williams that he can be a media star in New York City.

The Nets made a big gamble when they traded for Williams this season and that gamble only pays off if he agrees to re-sign before the team moves to Brooklyn. They need a superstar to sell to fans, but he need to know that he get the best exposure and the most endorsement deals by becoming a NYC celebrity.

We’ll see if it works.