New Jersey Couple Is Suing Their Landlord For Renting A Haunted House

haunted house, Chinchilla, NJ house

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Josue Chinchilla and his fiancee Michele Callan are suing their landlord for their $2,250 deposit, claiming their Toms River home is haunted and that it’s forcing them to move out, Ashbury Park Press reports. The couple even hired ghostbusters (the Shore Paranormal Research Society) to determine whether freak incidents like moving bedsheets were just their imagination or a real-life “Amityville Horror.” 

But the landlord, Richard Lopez, isn’t buying it. He’s countersuing the couple, alleging the scare is just a hoax to get out of paying their $1,500/month rent and break their one-year lease.

Trust us, there are better ways to break up with your landlord. YM contributor Zillow recommends reviewing the terms of the lease agreement to get a clear sense of your obligations, while working cooperatively with your landlord toward a solution. 

One way renters can do this is by offering to market property through venues like Craigslist or a local paper, and conducting showings as much as possible while keeping the place spic-and-span. To learn more about staging your pad or hiring a professional stager, click here

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