New Iranian Terrorist Training Camp Discovered In Iraq

Terrorist Hiker

Photo: Jon Olav via Flickr

With heightened scrutiny on Iran and every accusation a potential charge against the country should a military strike develop, this piece out of Bahrain is of interest.The Gulf Daily News reports an Iraq religious academy is training more than 1,500 Arabs in the use of combat weapons and fighting skills.

Funded by an Iranian infusion of $1 million, the camp allegedly started training recruits late last week.

From the Gulf Daily News:

The training, which began yesterday at a camp about 5km away from a main road between Najaf and Karbala, is funded by Iran, our sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej reports. Apart from members of Hawza Ilmiyya Najab, the religious academy, those being trained include citizens from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Syria and other Arab countries, the report adds.

Their countries’ national flags were flown over the main gate of the camp during the opening ceremony of the camp, it says. Mohmmed Redha Ali Al Sistani, son of Iranian religious scholar Ali Al Sistani; Iraqi Transport Minister Hadi Al Amiri; Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister and a senior member of Iraq Islamic Dawa Party Ali Al Adeeb; Iranian General Qasim Sulaimani and other members of the State of Law Coalition attended the ceremony. 

Iranian terrorists have also been accused by India of an attack against an Israeli diplomat’s wife in January.

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