Apple is about to offer iPhones with more storage space than ever before

Justin Sullivan/Getty
  • Until this latest round of iPhones, the largest amount of storage available on an iPhone was 256 GB, which was introduced with the iPhone 7.
  • Now, the iPhone XS and XS Max will have an increased maximum storage space of 512 GB – more than half a terabyte of storage.
  • As usual, smaller (and cheaper) storage options will be available.

The next round of iPhones will include the option to have more internal storage than ever before – some of the new iPhones will be rolling out with more than half a terrabyte of storage space.

The previous maximum storage capacity offered by an iPhone was 256 GB, which Apple included as an option starting with the iPhone 7 in 2016. Now, the iPhone XS and XS Max will have a 512 GB option, according to what appeared to be a leak from Apple’s own website. As usual, the highest-capacity options for a certain model are the most expensive, but we won’t know prices until Apple officially announces the new phones at its big launch event later on Wednesday.

Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming iPhones.

New iPhones and other new gadgetry will be announced during Apple’s Wednesday keynote event at 1 pm ET, and you can see live updates from the event on the Tech Insider homepage.

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