The First 15 Apps You Have To Download For Your New IPhone

Congratulations! You got a new iPhone for the holidays. I’m sure you’re wondering how to personalise it. There are just so many apps to choose from.

We rounded up the 15 best apps you absolutely need to download for your iPhone.

Angry Birds Go! is one of the best new iPhone games.

Angry Birds Go! is a new racing game from the guys that brought us Angry Birds. The game is a variation of Mario Kart. Play as one of the birds or pigs to compete on numerous racetracks. Avoid obstacles and other hazardous roadblocks as you try and escape the island.

Price: Free

Instapaper, to save everything you want to read.

Instapaper is a useful news app that saves web pages for viewing at any time. If you come across a story that interests you, add a bookmark and stash it in your archive. Collect as many stories as you want.

Price: Free

You need to have the Facebook app to keep track of your friends.

Facebook is one of the most important apps you have to download for your new iPhone. The world's largest social network works the same way as an app. You'll be able to watch videos, chat with friends, get notifications and play multiple games.

Price: Free

Download Twitterrific to manage chaotic news feeds.

Twitter is a great tool to find news and search for stuff but it can become pretty chaotic with all the information that filters in. Twitterrific is a perfect tool to manage all of that. The app unifies timelines so you can view all your activity in one hub. Use it to quickly respond to tweets and other messages. One of Twitterific best parts is that it lets you customise every part of Twitter all the way down to text size and colour.

Price: $2.99

Flipboard, to collect news and read the way you want it.

Flipboard is another good news app that creates a personal reading experience. You'll be able to make your own magazine on any topic you want. Tech lovers can create their own archive of various articles to dive into at their leisure while car enthusiasts could create a selection of stories about Mustangs to browse when possible. Ideas can be shared with friends so recommendations will always appear.

Price: Free

Instagram, the popular photo sharing and messaging tool.

Instagram will come in handy around the holidays. Add fun filters to the photos and videos you take during Christmas and New Years. Instantly share this to Facebook and Twitter. Now, the app installed a new private messaging feature called Instagram Direct to remember these special moments with family and friends.

Price: Free

You'll need Battery Life Pro to know when you have to charge your phone.

As awesome as these apps will be, remember they will take up alot of battery power. Use Battery Life Pro to figure out when you have to charge your iPhone and learn how you can save power. The app will send you a checklist of what is draining the life from your phone. Charge reminders will pop up while monitoring the system status of your iDevice.

Price: Free

Spotify is a free music streaming service with an gigantic library of artists.

Spotify is a free streaming service for phones and tablets that has a colossal library of music to listen to at your leisure. It has no ads, excellent sound quality and no commitment if you want to unsubscribe from the app's premium service.

Price: Free

Use Google Maps for any trip or vacation.

Google Maps is an excellent app to use whenever you are travelling. The app has over 200 maps in its system and is supported by voice navigation whether you're walking around or driving. It gets live updates and traffic reports while you're on the road which makes the whole process so much easier.

Price: Free

Urban spoon, to find a place to eat quickly.

While out with friends, use Urbanspoon to find a restaurant. All you need to do is shake your phone and it will scan the area around you and return the best results. Urbanspoon lets you make reservations easily through the app so you'll never have to worry about getting hungry while you're out.

Price: Free

Cal is a calendar app that syncs with all your important tasks.

Instead of using your iPhone's traditional calendar, download Cal by The app will absorb all the important information about your contacts making it easy to write happy birthday, remember meetings, and schedule important tasks that need to get done.

Price: Free

Kindle for iPhone brings a great reading experience to your phone.

Kindle for iPhone opens up an entire library of books, magazines and newspapers to read straight from your smartphone. You have the option of viewing free book samples before you decide to purchase a book. On the tiny iPhone screen, adjust the text size and line colour to make your reading experience as comfortable as possible.

Price: Free

Fandango will find the closest theatre and help pay for tickets.

Fandango Movies will search the surrounding area for movie theatres and offer suggestions for what you should see. It'll help you pay for tickets ahead of time and send you weekly updates about new flicks popping up in theatres.

Price: Free

Try Snapchat so you can send the best selfies to your friends.

Snapchat is another great way to talk with your friends. Send hilarious selfies throughout the day. Utilise the Snapchat Stories feature to collect the snaps you get and make an album. Apply various filters to place a cool design on the image you'd send to your friends too.

Price: Free

Use Evernote to get things done.

Evernote will be the best productivity app you can get. The app ensures you remember everything by giving you the ability to create audio and video notes to help with tasks. Evernote lets you email notes to yourself to make sure you have an even better chance of getting things done.

Price: Free

More apps to download for your iPhone.

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