New iPhone App Puts The Breaks On Endless Wandering To Locate Your Car

Ever have one of those times when you forgot to mentally note the aisle and space number of your parking spot in a rush to get to the gate? If you’ve ever left your car at the airport’s long-term parking lot and a week later upon your return, can’t remember where you parked, then a new iPhone app, Parking Wizard, rides to the rescue.

For a $0.99 download, Parking Wizard bills itself as an automated car-finding app.

The latest in travel iPhone apps, it uses the GPS features of iPhones and iPads, with 3G or later, and works in any country to track your car’s whereabouts.

So when you park your car at an airport parking lot, a shopping mall or anywhere, you can use the Parking Wizard app and either manually tap it to mark the spot where you parked or press and hold the map.

And, upon your return, when you’re heading back to your car or looking to retrieve your long-lost vehicle, you merely follow a green arrow on a map toward your car and the app will make a sound when you are getting close.

A red pin also marks your car’s location on a map.

The app is geared to get you within 10 to 20 yards of your car so even though you might have forgotten its location, hopefully you will remember what it looked like and be able to find it from there.

So it could save you lots of frustration and time when you are returning from a trip and just want to hop in your car and get home or want to get your luggage in the trunk and speed off to another location.

Of course, you don’t need the app if you can just remember where you parked your car.

Or as the app’s developer, Thompson says: “My wife made the excellent point that if you can remember to use an app to remember where you parked your car, why not just remember where you parked your car!”

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