This could be our first look at the iPhone 7

New images of what are purported to be the iPhone 7’s chassis were leaked over the weekend by Steve Hemmerstoffer at

The photograph of on-screen renderings supposedly from Catcher Technology, Apple’s metal chassis supplier, show an iPhone 7 body that’s pretty similar to the iPhone 6S. One major difference is that there aren’t horizontal antenna lines on the back, which matches up with current rumours.

The iPhone 7 is also expected to lack a headphone jack, but the leaked image doesn’t confirm nor does it rule out that rumour. However, the case renderings do show a larger cutout for the camera module, which could indicate that Apple is planning to smooth out the camera bump currently found on the back of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

But the cutout shown in the image won’t support a dual-lens camera setup. Other supply chain watchers have indicated that some models of the iPhone 7 might have a dual-lens setup that could enable better zoom on photos or could potentially be used with virtual reality applications.

Hemmerstoffer has been a reliable Apple leaker recently. He’s surfaced other Apple chassis before they came out, including the iPad Pro’s metal body last year.

Before the iPhone 7 comes out this fall, though, Apple is expected to launch a new iPhone later this month.

At at event on its Cupertino campus on March 21, Apple will likely launch a new 4-inch iPhone, a refreshed 9.7-inch iPad, and new Apple Watch accessories.

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