Here Are All The Cool iPhone 5 Features In The Fake iPhone 5 Ad

fake iPhone 5 ad fingerprint scan

Photo: Youku

Yesterday, I posted a video from the Chinese YouTube that I described as “possibly (probably?)” a fake iPhone 5 ad.For this description, I was immediately ridiculed by our tech editors, Steve Kovach and Jay Yarow, who pronounced the video “definitely fake–bizarrely so” and then explained why: “Very poor animation quality. And for lengthy promo videos like this apple uses people. Not renders.”

And that certainly made sense.

UPDATE: Arnold Kim of MacRumors (@arnoldkim) says the ad is a “concept ad” created by 24-year old designer Sam Beckett that is also posted here on YouTube.

But the ad was still interesting. And it incorporated many of the features that our tech editors expect to see in the iPhone 5. And I, for one, as a prospective iPhone 5 buyer, will be interested to close these expected features are to the real ones we’ll soon see.

In case you’re interested in weighing in…

In any event, it looks just like everyone expects it to look--with a taller screen.

Comes in black and white.

Thinner and lighter...

22% thinner, to be precise!

And LTE fast wireless, which is standard these days.

The new mini charging cord that will render your whole house-full of Apple cords obsolete.

A smaller SIM card, for those who care about that.

The hallucinated fingerprint scan will apparently be built into the Home button (No, it won't, say tech editors Yarow and Kovach)

Some boring new software improvements, like a new Contacts App UI

And a new calendar app UI

And more crappy Siri

And, last but not least, Apple's new proprietary maps, which are widely assumed to be worse than Google's, thus giving users a worse experience.

So that's the fake iPhone 5. Stay tuned for the real one. Meanwhile, check out the conference centre where Apple will be holding the launch event...

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