UNBOXED: Here's The New iPad

new ipad

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

We finally have our new iPad!Instead of going on and on and on about how gorgeous the fancy new Retina display is, we’ll just let you see the tablet for yourself. 

Check out our unboxing photos below.

Here's the box

But it still looks like the iPad 2

The charger and instruction booklet are tucked beneath the iPad

Don't forget the USB cord!

Let's turn it on. This photo doesn't do the Retina display justice


View from the bottom

Polished aluminium on the back

The camera is a bit larger than the one on the iPad 2

Slim profile from the side

New iPad on the left, original iPad on the right

Compare the text on the new Kindle app. New iPad on the left, original iPad on the right

New iPad on the left, iPad 2 on the right

You can see here that the new iPad's camera is significantly larger

Way thinner than the original iPad

Original iPad on the bottom, new iPad on the top

1, 2, 3!

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