If You're Not Blown Away By The New iPad's Display, Then I Dare You To Try This

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I’ve had my new iPad for two days now. Since I upgraded from the original iPad, I’m really, really happy with it. I do agree with most people that you probably won’t need to upgrade from the iPad 2, but for everyone else looking for a new tablet, this is it.

When I showed Henry Blodget the new iPad’s Retina display on Friday, he wasn’t impressed. He said he barely noticed a difference from his original iPad’s display. Based on the comments on his recent post, it looks like many new iPad owners agree with him.

If you still think the new iPad’s screen isn’t so great, then I have a challenge for you.

Use the new iPad for a full day, then go back to the original iPad or iPad 2 (both have the same resolution). You’ll immediately notice the difference.

I discovered this by accident. Today, I dug out my original iPad to clear out all my apps and personal stuff to get it ready to send to my grandpa. After using the new iPad for two days, the original iPad’s screen looked terrible. Everything looked grainy and fuzzy compared to my new iPad’s super sharp Retina display.

It was jarring. 

I bought the original iPad almost two years ago. In those two years, I never once had a complaint about the screen quality. Now I feel like I’m looking at a defunct piece of technology when I look at my old iPad’s display.

In two short days, the new iPad’s display has already spoiled me. From now on, if I see a pixel on a tablet, I’m going to be really, really disappointed.

So for those of you who don’t believe the new iPad’s Retina display is absolutely amazing, take my challenge. Use your new iPad for a day or so, then go back to your old iPad. Or borrow one from a friend. Or go to the Apple store and try using one of the iPad 2s on display. Whatever.

You’ll notice the difference within seconds.

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