So What's Inside The New iPad?

ipad a5x processor

Photo: iFixIt

The hardware professionals at iFixit have already disassembled a new iPad and documented the process.Here’s what we learned from their efforts.

Here's the back of the iPad prior to teardown

The new and improved camera

The iPad 2's camera was a bit of a snoozer, but that's hardly the case this time around -- Apple re-appropriated the same optics found in the iPhone 4S so that users can shoot awesome 5 megapixel photographs.

Prying open the front

Getting inside the guts with suction cups

The highly-anticipated Retina display

The real star of the show is the iPad's new 9.7' Retina display, with a wonderfully dense resolution of 2048×1536.

Model numbers on the display lead iFixit to believe that it's manufactured by Samsung.

A faster processor

The processor sees a nice upgrade from the one in the iPad 2. Instead of the dual-core A5, the new iPad packs a dual-core A5X, which translates to even more processing speed.

Bad news if you like external displays

The display connectors on the iPad 2 and the new iPad are unfortunately incompatible. If you used to hook your iPad 2 up to a TV or other display, you'll need to buy a new adaptor.

Are you ready to buy your iPad tomorrow?

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