The First Apps To Install On Your New iPad

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So you got a new iPad or iPad Mini for Christmas.Now what?

Might we suggest loading it up with apps to make it even more indispensable?

From games to utilities, these are the most essential add-ons to get started with your new tablet.


One of the runaway favourites of the App Store in 2012, Letterpress is an asynchronous, turn-based word game to play with your friends. It's by Loren Brichter, the guy who made Tweetie, an early Twitter client which became the basis for the company's official mobile app.

Price: Free


One of the definitive destinations for streaming video on the Web. If you've got a streaming subscription, installing the app should be a no-brainer--and if you don't, the ease of viewing videos on a tablet is a reason to consider joining Netflix.

Price: Free for the app; $7.99/mo. for access to Netflix's streaming movie and TV-show library

Hulu Plus

Ditto for Hulu Plus--if you're a subscriber, get the app on your iPad posthaste.

Note that free watching on isn't an option on the iPad. Hulu requires a paid subscription for mobile viewing--and tablets are considered mobile, so you'll need to pay for some shows you can watch free on a laptop. 'We know, it's frustrating,' Hulu explains in its FAQ. It has to do with licensing deals. The subscription is good on all your devices, though.

Price: Free; $7.99/mo. for subscription.

Google Maps

Like the iPhone, the iPad now comes with Apple's own Maps app, which even Apple's CEO has admitted is disappointing. Go with the app that's done it right from the beginning and install Google Maps instead.

Price: free


Music lovers should already be more than familiar with Spotify. For a low monthly subscription, you get instant access to thousands of full albums.

Price: Free; $9.99 for Spotify Premium.


Get your books all in one place with Amazon's Kindle app.

Price: Free


It's the best Twitter client we've ever used--and the app that Twitter should have put out on its own.

Price: $2.99


This is a hugely popular sketchbook/note-taking app that lets you use a number of different brushes available as in-app purchases.

Price: Free


This is one of the most popular read-it-later apps. Save articles you find online to read later when you're offline.

Price: $3.99


With one billion members and counting, it's the largest social network there is.

Price: Free


This is a workhorse of an app that lets you sync text, photo, video, and audio notes across devices.

Price: Free

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