All of the new features coming to your iPhone and iPad this fall

Apple just released the public beta for iOS 9, its next big update for iPhones and iPads, which will officially launch in Autumn.

The update brings several new features to Apple’s products, including the new Apple News app, a more powerful version of Siri, and better multitasking for the iPad.

Here’s a full tour of iOS 9, complete with screenshots of every major feature.

This is what the new Search looks like. It suggests apps that you frequently use and people you contact the most.

You can even search for specific things in the Settings menu with the search bar at the top instead of having to dig around.

Spotlight Search can sift through apps too. Notice how one of the first results when I type in 'orange' is 'Orange Is The New Black,' which it says is on Netflix and iTunes.

And it can do conversions, like pounds to ounces, without having to launch a web browser.

The new Search in iOS 9 looks through your text messages too, in addition to emails, web pages, apps, and more.

Siri is more powerful and faster in iOS 9. You can ask it more complex things, like pulling up photos from July 4.

Here's Apple News, which is a new app in iOS 9. It curates stories based on your interests from around the web.

Here's what a story looks like within Apple News.

Apple Maps now has public transit directions in iOS 9.

The new Notes app lets you do a lot more, like draw sketches.

You can add bullets that can be checked off for making to-do lists in Notes, too.

There are more formatting options in the new Notes app. You can format text to look like titles, a bulleted list, and more.

And you can even add photos from your camera roll into a note.

Find My iPhone and Find My Friends now comes in the form of an app on your iPhone's home screen.

You can also send more than 5 pictures at a time in an email in iOS 9.

Apple Pay can now store loyalty cards and brand credit cards, too.

In the Photos app in iOS 9, you'll notice there's a new folder just for selfies and screenshots.

If you hold two fingers down on the iPad keyboard, you can use it as a touchpad to move your cursor around. This is only available for the iPad.

Another iPad-only feature: If you're watching a video in a certain app, that video will keep playing in a small window on your home screen after you exit the app. I used it in Safari.

You can also run two apps at once on the iPad. This only works with Apple apps for now.

Or, if you don't want to split the screen of an app, you can choose to have one app occupy just a portion of the screen. This is also just for the iPad.

Apple also fixed the shift key on the keyboard. Now the letters change from upper to lower case when you press the button.

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