You Have To Check Out These Gorgeous Pictures Of Apple's Ridiculously Thin New iMac

imac thin new

Photo: Apple

Today Apple revealed it’s next-generation iMac.The new all-in-one desktop PC has been completely redesigned.

Now the computer features an extremely thin, tear drop shape and takes advantage of a new fusion hard drive.

The fusion hard drive combines traditional spinning hard drives with solid state drives.

The next-gen iMac comes in two sizes, 21.5-inches and 27-inches.

The 21.5-inch ships in November and starts at $1299 and the 27-inch ships in December and starts at $1799.

The new iMac takes up to 40% less volume.

The desktop all-in-one comes in two different sizes, 21.5-inch, and 27-inch.

It is fully optimised for Apple's new operating system, Mountain Lion.

It really is gorgeous. Apple is proving that there is still innovation left.

The LCD is 5 mm thinner, now takes advantage of an anti-reflective coating, and eliminated a previous 2 millimetre gap between the glass and display.

The anti-reflective coating gives 75% less reflection. Apple is not ordinary so they went through an extraordinary process to achieve this new anti-reflection.

It's called plasma deposition, and it involves coating the glass with layers of silicon dioxide and niobium pentoxide so precise and so thin they're measured in atoms. The result: a 75 per cent reduction in reflectivity — and vibrant, accurate colours.

Apple says it puts every single display through an exacting colour-calibration process using three state-of-the-art spectroradiometers. We don't know what that is, but it sounds intense and fancy.

The iMac has been around for a while now, here is its progression.

We really can't get over how thin this thing is.

Here is a bit more about the screen reduction process. Apple eliminated the 2 mm gap between the glass and LCD.

That looks like a MacBook Pro lid.

Apple's new 21.5-inch iMac ships in November and the 27-inch ships in December.

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